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❚❚❚❚❚ BASICS.

Neytiri te Tskaha Mo'at’ite (also I should note, 99% of the time, she'll just refer to herself as Neytiri and rarely will give out her full name)
■ CANON: Avatar (2009), Towards the end of the movie, while the Omaticaya are recruiting the help of the other clans.
■ AGE: Approximately 18
■ ID: M01C12-142
■ STATUS: Some minor scratches and bruises, but nothing major.
■ INVENTORY: This outfit, her hunting knife, and the ceremonial bow
❚❚❚❚❚ IC.
■ PHYSICAL AFFECTION: Unlikely to be taken well by those she is not close to.
■ PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: Very likely to respond with violence.
■ RELATIONSHIPS: Extremely unlikely. Neytiri's species mates for life, and she has already mated with Jake Sully.
■ MENTAL INFORMATION: Will be easy to read, but as for anguish, largely guilt for her home being destroyed, since she feels partially responsible.
■ MEDICAL INFORMATION: Very healthy. 9~10 feet tall, carbon reinforced bones, and a neural queue at the end of her very long braid are all traits of her species.
■ OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS & TRIGGERS: Disrespecting nature is the quickest way to get in an argument with her, but no subjects to be avoided.
❚❚❚❚❚ OOC.
■ PLAYER: Christy
■ CONTACT: [plurk.com profile] swagu (note: if you add me, have who you play somewhere in your profile or I'll reject it!)
■ BACKTAGGING: Please do!
■ THREADHOPPING: Ask first just to make sure, but like 99% of the time I'll be down.
■ FOURTHWALLING: No. Never. Don't do it.
■ ACTION VS PROSE: I'll gladly do either, but I prefer action just because it's quicker!

■ ANYTHING ELSE? SHE'S REALLY REALLY TALL... have I stressed this enough...

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Handle: Christy
Contact: [plurk.com profile] swagu
Are You Over 16: Yes
Other Characters Played in Consignment: n/a

Character Name: Mo'at’ite, Neytiri te Tskaha
Canon: Avatar (2009), Towards the end of the movie, while the Omaticaya are recruiting the help of the other clans.
Character Appearance: here. Since it's not shown in the picture, it's also worth noting that Neytiri is 3 meters/~10 feet tall.
Character Age: Approximately 18
Pick A Number: 142, 518

Canon Setting:
From an Earth-centric point of view, Neytiri is an alien. She lives on the Earth-like planet of Pandora, and is the planet's native, intelligent life, called the Na'vi. Pandora is a planet that is very hostile, especially to humans, but her people have adapted to the planet's harsh ways of life. To humans, Pandora and everything on it is very dangerous. The planet is full of neurotoxins for humans, dangerous wildlife, and that wildlife is also very hard to kill.

However, this is the view that humans have of the planet. To Neytiri and her people, Pandora is their home, and they've adapted to the unique ecology of the planet, and it is central to their way of life. Pandora is a unique planet in that all of its life could be considered networked to each other. Every creature and even most plants on the planet are connected to this "network" and have unique biologies to interact with it.

For the Na'vi, this connection is the basis of their religion and way of life. Na'vi all have a braid as a part of their biology. It looks like a long braid of hair, but at the end of the braid, the hair is parted to reveal neural tendrils—this is called the tswin in their language, and a neural queue to humans. Almost all of the wildlife on Pandora has these neural tendrils. These tendrils are able to entwine with other tendrils, creating a unique bond with whatever they link into and allows them to share each others mind, in a sense. It's a deeply spiritual bond to the Na'vi, and they consider these links a fundamental part of their religion, symbolizing to them how all life is connected, and allows them to interface with their deity, known as Eywa.

Because of this bond, the basis of the Na'vi religion and way of life centers largely on the connection they share with the world. Na'vi live in clans and are deeply connected to nature. Neytiri is a member of the Omaticaya clan, and is next in line to become the spiritual leader of their clan, effectively making her a princess, though they have no concept of that way of governing. The members of the clan hunt and gather all of their food, and live in very close confines with each other, making a whole clan like a large family. Most of the time, they reside in a massive tree together, but events of the movie destroyed this tree.

So, for the events of the movie! The Na'vi have lived peacefully with this way of life for a very long time, at least until humanity discovered the planet and the fact that it contained a valuable mineral. Humanity came to Pandora in the form of the Resources Development Administration (RDA), who sought to mine the planet, though they found the Na'vi difficult to deal with. They attempted to deal with them peacefully, with a team of scientists creating human-Na'vi hybrids that humans could interface with (called Avatars), but before the events of the movie, these efforts were beginning to fail.

With the events of the movie, these efforts deteriorate further as humans get desperate to mine underneath the Omaticaya's home and they refuse. An all out war is started, but the relationship that Neytiri formed with a human in an Avatar's body named Jake Sully helped the Na'vi to see that not all humans were as disrespectful and ignorant to their way of life. Just most. However, the Omaticaya's hometree was still destroyed, since Jake wasn't able to barter an agreement between the RDA and the Omaticaya, so Neytiri's clan is currently displaced to the Tree of Souls, their most holy place.

Character History: Here

Character Personality:
Imagine that you had your life planned for you from the moment you were born. Because you are the daughter of the current spiritual leader, the Tsahìk, you will eventually become the Tsahìk. You will become a mated pair with the best warrior of your clan, and together, you will leader your people. It is not an easy life, living amongst nature as your people do, but it is simple, fulfilling, and quiet. The only conflict comes from natural disasters and other clans who are far away. You will be buried with a few feet of where you were born and lived your whole life. This much is certain, and there's comfort in that certainty.

This is the life that Neytiri was to live, and for most of her life, she did. She lived as has ancestors did before her, living happily and without complaint. She learned the ways of her people, learned to be the next Tsahìk, and became a great warrior in her own right. Her life was certain, at least until aliens from the Sky changed everything for her people. While her life before humans came to Pandora of course greatly shaped her as a whole, it is the uncertainty that they brought to her life that made her quite different from the rest of her people.

That uncertainty aside, there are certain traits about Neytiri that seem constant and uninfluenced by the presence of invaders to her home. She has all the qualities that a great leader of her people needs. She is proud of her way of life and her people, shown by how she does not try to justify her ways to Jake when she is teaching him. The Na'vi believe that humans do not see or hear what is around them, so even though humans think of the Na'vi as uncivilized natives, they believe that humans are ignorant and stupid, and Neytiri is no exception. Her ways of life are the ways that her people have lived for generations and it has suited them well, so they are resistant to change.

However, one thing that does separate Neytiri from her peoples' mindset as a whole is that she is much more open-minded. While she is very proud of the ways of her people, she is also curious and inquisitive to the ways of humans and does not seem to reject their ways so harshly until after her sister is killed. When a human scientist named Grace Augustine came to the Na'vi, she set up a school for the children and taught them English, amongst other things. Neytiri attended this school, and Grace comments that Neytiri was very sharp and a quick learner, which is why she speaks English quite well when she meets Jake. She's clearly intelligent, since mastering a language so different from her own so well is an impressive feat, and this also makes her a great teacher, shown with how she teaches Jake her peoples' ways.

Admittedly, a part of this also comes from Neytiri's path in life. She is to become the Tsahìk, a spiritual leader of her people, so wisdom and a strong sense of altruism. When her mother dies, she will become a leader and a teacher of her people, relaying the ways they have lived to the next generation and also communicating and leading their spiritual practices. As such, Neytiri is deeply religious herself and is strongly connected to the ways of Eywa. The Na'vi religion takes tenets from many Earth religions, but is most strongly centered on the idea of connection. The Na'vi people are connected to each other, but they are also deeply connected to their world, and to their deity, Eywa. As such, the Na'vi are deeply respectful of nature, considering all creatures their brothers and sisters, and do not waste or use things needlessly. Neytiri strongly adheres to the beliefs of her religion, and even without the physical connection to Eywa she has on her home planet, these beliefs would still drive her, because she feels they are intrinsic truths.

Neytiri is very rooted in her beliefs of all kinds, however, so even though she's open-minded as a whole, she can still be very stubborn and harsh. It is only be the guidance of Eywa and the insistence of her mother that she teaches Jake, and she is clearly shown to get frustrated with him rather easily. She smacks him, calls him a moron, and in general is not afraid to voice her opinion or lecture him. She has a bad habit of treating those she does not respect like children, where she still cares, since Neytiri is just a very caring person, but she can be condescending and rude. She's willing to change her beliefs about things, such as the idea that all humans are bad, but it is something of a process and takes time for her.

Yet once Neytiri believes in something or someone, she is fiercely devoted and loyal to that cause. She shows no fear in fighting for her home, because she is a warrior, and fights fiercely and without fear. Later in the movie from her canonpoint, this is shown to be a driving force for her and brings the ultimate climax of the movie, where it is Neytiri, not Jake, that kills the antagonist rather brutally and with no mercy. This is also a rather black-and-white sort of situation, though, and in the game where it's much more shades of grey, another facet of Neytiri will be shown. It's only seen briefly in the movie, but as strong and willful as Neytiri is, she still shows doubts, if after the fact. A decision will be made quickly, but it is afterwards that she'll reflect on it and wonder whether what she did was right. In the movie, her doubts come from scorning Jake for the sake of her people, and this doubt will largely be the same. Neytiri struggles briefly in the movie with what she must do for her people rather than for herself, and this will come to the forefront in the game.

Neytiri believes deeply in love, compassion, and the bonds between not only people, but amongst all living things. She wears her emotions openly rather than hide them, and does not hesitate to speak her mind or express herself. She is a fierce warrior and a competent leader, and an ideal candidate to be the next Tsahìk of her people. Yet, in the time of strife that she faces, Neytiri still struggles with her own flaws, from self-doubt to larger issues such as her role as leader of her people. It is a matter of what she must do and sacrifice for the greater good, but keeping the delicate balance of preventing her people from ruin without sacrificing her own beliefs and things that are personally important to her are things she struggles with. And unfortunately, this will become no easier for her, since she'll have to face these demons head-on to save her people from both the RDA and the further away threat of the CDC.

Character Powers:
While the Na'vi have no particular extraordinary abilities, their biology has adapted greatly to the way of life on Pandora, which does give them some increased abilities as compared to humans. Their skeleton is reinforced with naturally occurring carbon fiber, making their bones very difficult to break, which also allows them to jump from great heights and take hits more easily. In addition, supplemental materials state that they have roughly four times the strength of the average human.

In terms of skills, Neytiri is also a warrior of her clan, and is extremely proficient in using both a bow and a knife. She's also able to ride creatures of her planet extremely well, though she wouldn't be as skilled at riding creatures that she could not use her neural queue to connect to.

First Person POV: here! You can see another sample here.

Third Person POV:
It's when she prays that Neytiri finds peace, and peace is something that has been sorely lacking, lately. She has not even begun to mourn properly, because she has not had the time. She is to be Tsahìk one day, so Neytiri had taken on the task of leading her people as they migrated from their home to the Tree of Souls. It was the only place left for them.

But she is tired in a way that is more than than just what the body feels when they arrive. She is given relief from leading her people, if only for a moment, so like many others, she goes to the tree to listen to the softer voices of her people, to those lost, to Eywa. She cannot afford to mourn properly now, not for her father, for Jake, or for the many people that died today, but she can pray and ask that Eywa guide her and give her strength.

Neytiri pulls forth a strand of the Tree of Soul's long tendrils and lifts her braid so that the fibers hidden at the end are exposed and wrap around the tree's tendril. She closes her eyes to listen and to give her prayers and praise in this way. It's always calming to hear the many murmurs of her people, indistinct and indistinguishable.

So it's a shock, to say the least, that there is one voice that stands out in the soft whispers.

"Neytiri... Yes, Neytiri te Tskaha Mo'at’ite. That is you, isn't it?"

These are visions, Neytiri knows this from what her mother has taught her. Her head bows forward, since she's honored to be able to hear one voice amongst them all. There's no form to the voice, since there need not be. There is only one voice it could be.

"I am listening, Eywa," she says, not on her lips, but in her mind, though her brow furrows in deep concentration. She had been told that Eywa does not take sides many times, so she stays quiet to listen, though she only wants to cry out and ask for her people to be saved.

"Er... No," the voice says, hesitating, "No, I'm not your deity. Sorry. But, hey, before you stop, just listen. I may not be, but I can still promise you your home again."

"That is something only Eywa can give," she responds resolutely, but still calmly. For what she knows, it is still an honor to be spoken to at all, so she listens with respect. "But I am listening all the same."

"Well, you see, it's really simple—" the voice starts again, and Neytiri listens. The crease in her brow grows as she listens, though the people looking on only take it as a sign of deep contemplation and prayer. It's a few minutes before Neytiri pulls away, looking at the tendril she holds in her hand doubtfully before looking up to the sky instead.

It had been explained clearly enough. She would fight, and if she lent her strength, her home would be returned. Her home would be safe, because more Sky People were coming if she did not. The voice that had spoken to her was not Eywa at all, since Eywa would never ask such a thing of her people. But Eywa could also not give something so great as the Home Tree returned. It twists in her gut to think about it, but she knows. Deep in her heart, she knows. Her people are homeless, desperate, and if they do nothing, the Sky People that are already here will destroy them. It was not the way she had anticipated fighting this battle, but as she grips the tendril of the Tree of Souls more tightly, her answer is given.

She will fight for them. She must fight for the people the voice had spoke of, because otherwise, her people have no hope.

Pick a Team: Green—Neytiri is a warrior, so it's her kind of team!
Mission Freebie: The restoration of her clan's Hometree—It's a massive tree that houses her entire clan and was destroyed in the fight against humans.
Personal Item or Weapon: The bow seen here. It also includes a small supply of arrows, since a quiver is built into the design. It's also worth noting that the arrow heads are tipped with a potent neurotoxin that will stop a human's heart in a minute.

Character Inventory:
1. The outfit seen here.

2. Her hunting knife


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